18th century pro-slavery literature

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Two Discourses Concerning the Affairs of Scotland
– Andrew Fletcher, 1698 (Second Discourse)

A brief and candid answer
– John Saffin, 1701

The African Trade, the Great Pillar and Support
of the British Plantation Trade in America
– Malachy Postlethwayt, 1745

The National and private advantages of the African
trade considered: being an enquiry, how far it concerns
the trading interest of Great Britain
– Malachy Postlethwayt, 1746
(missing pages: 125 & 126)

The Importance of the African Expedition Considered
– Malachy Postlethwayt, 1758

The Sugar Cane
– James Grainger, 1764

Candid Reflections upon the Judgement Lately Awarded
by the Court of King’s Bench, in Westminster-Hall, on
What is Commonly Called the Negroe-Cause
– Edward Long, 1772

Personal slavery established by the
suffrages of custom and right reason
– Unknown, 1773

Slavery not forbidden by Scripture:
or, a defence of the West-India planters
– Richard Nisbet, 1773

A Forensic Dispute on the Legality of Enslaving the Africans
– Thedore Parsons, 1773
Theodore Parsons Debates Eliphalet Pearson

The History of Jamaica
– Edward Long, 1774

Cursory remarks upon the Reverend Mr. Ramsay’s Essay on the
treatment and conversion of African slaves in the British sugar colonies
– James Tobin, 1785

An Apology for Negro Slavery or the West India
Planters vindicated from the charge of inhumanity
– Gordon Turnbull, 1786

A short rejoinder to the Reverend Mr. Ramsay’s reply
– James Tobin, 1787

Scriptural researches on the
licitness of the slave-trade
– Raymund Harris, 1788

A letter to Philo Africanus, upon slavery
– Unknown, 1788

A Short Account of the African Slave Trade
– Robert Norris, 1788

The Debate on a Motion for the Abolition
of the Slave-trade in the House of Commons
– Unknown, 1791

No Abolition of Slavery, Or, The
Universal Empire of Love, A Poem
– James Boswell, 1791

A Plain Man’s Thoughts on
the present Price of Sugar
– James Tobin, 1792

A Very New Pamphlet Indeed! Being the Truth Addressed to
the People at Large: Containing Some Strictures on the
English Jacobins and the Evidence of Lord McCartney and
Others Before the House of Lords Respecting the Slave Trade
– Unknown, 1792

The Constitutionalist Or, An Enquiry how far it is Expedient
and Proper to Alter the Constitution of South-Carolina
– Timothy Ford, 1794

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