Literature and material published
between the years of 1800 to 1829

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Practical rules for the management and medical
treatment of Negro slaves in the sugar colonies
– Dr. Collins, 1803

Exposition of the views of the Baptists, relative
to the coloured population of the United States
– Rev. Dr. Richard Furman, 1822

Practical considerations founded on the Scriptures,
relative to the slave population of South-Carolina
– Unknown, 1823

The maniacs; or, Fantasia of Bos Bibens,
– Unknown, 1824

A concise view of the critical situation,
and future prospects of the slave-holding states
– Whitemarsh Seabrook, 1825

The Valley of Shenandoah: Or, Memoirs of the Graysons
– George Tucker, 1825

Notes on the origin and necessity of slavery
– Edward Brown, 1826

A Practical View of the Present
State of Slavery in the West Indies
– Alexander Barclay, 1827

Marly; or, a Planter’s Life in Jamaica
– Unknown, 1828

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