Post-war pro-slavery literature

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The Origin of the Late War
– George Lunt, 1866

The Mongrelites
– Unknown, 1866

Instincts of races
– J.C. Nott, 1866

– Marion Harland, 1866

Petition and memorial of David Quinn:
asking for the re-establishment of
Negro slavery in the United States
– David Quinn, 1866

A defence of Virginia
– Robert Dabney, 1867

White supremacy and Negro subordination; or,
Negroes a subordinate race, and (so-called)
slavery its normal condition
– John H. Van Evrie, 1870

The household of Bouverie:
or, the elixir of gold
– Catherine Warfield, 1875

Plantation Reminiscences
– Letitia M. Burwell, 1878

No-history versus no-war
– Eli Robinson McCall, 1886

Plantation Life Before Emancipation
– R.Q. Mallard, 1892

Social life in old Virginia before the war
– Thomas Nelson Page, 1897

Uncle Isaac: or, Old days in the
South: a remembrance of the South
– William Dudley Powers, 1899

Poems of the cabin and field
– Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1899

An ex-slaveholders view of the
Negro question in the South
– Robert Bingham, 1900

The old plantation: how we lived in
great house and cabin before the war
– James B. Avirett, 1901

Plantation sketches
– Margaret Devereux, 1906

Old Plantation Days: Being Recollections
of Southern Life Before the Civil War
– Nancy Bostick De Saussure, 1909

In the fear of the Lord;
in defense of the Savior
and in defense of slavery
– Joseph Clabron, 1911

Aunt Phebe, Uncle Tom and others; character
studies among the old slaves of the South
– Essie Collins Matthews, 1915

Eneas Africanus
– Harry Stillwell Edwards, 1919

Eneas Africanus Defendant
– Harry Stillwell Edwards, 1920

American Negro Slavery
– Ulrich Bonnell Phillips, 1929

Slavery defended: the views of the old South
– Eric McKitrick, 1963

Southern Slavery As It Was
– Steve Wilkins & Douglas Wilson, 2006

Antebellum Slavery:
An Orthodox Christian View
– Gary Young Roper, 2008 (Costs 3$)

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