Pro-Slavery Poems
Pro-Slavery Poems A Collection of Pro-Slavery and anti-Abolitionist Poems. (Clicking covers/links will redirect to the full book,poems that are too […]
The Symbols of Slavery
The Symbols of Slavery Symbols that’re representative of slavery,many of which are pro-slavery symbols The Bible, and the cross are […]
Antebellum Pro-Slavery Flags
Antebellum Pro-Slavery Flags Pre-War Pro-Slavery Flags A pro-slavery flag carried by the 1856, Pro-Slavery, South Carolina, contingent of the Kansas […]
John Saffin, 1626 – 1710.
John Saffin, a renowned poet, judge, politician, and pro-slavery activist. John Saffin, born in 1626, a resident of colonial New […]
A Brief and Candid Answer – John Saffin, 1701.
A Brief and Candid Answer – John Saffin, 1701 That honorable and learned gentleman, the author of a sheet, entitled, […]
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