Abolitionist Truth

Abolitionist Truth

A selection of sentiments and ideas conveyed by abolitionists
that are agreeable from a pro-slavery perspective.

A derivative socialist variant of an abolitionist poem, which
itself is inspired by an 1846 poem on the Mexican American war
Full abolitionist version:

Anti-Slavery Bugle Poem, 1855

“Laboring man and laboring woman
Have one glory-one shame;
Everything that’s done inhuman
Injures all of them the same.

Slavery ain’t of nary color,
‘Taint the hide that makes it worse,
All It cares for in a feller
Is just to make him till its purse.

Tell you, it’s as plain as Jiggers,
Plain as one and one makes two,
Folks that make black slaves of niggers
Want to make white slaves of you.”

Truth therein: Slavery should be extended, wherever appropriate and applicable, to all nations that have
a moral and healthy society worthy of preservation, as to the references to labor: Anyone who feels a
conciousness of class with economic reductionists who oppose slavery should be injured “all the same.”

Truth therein: All government is slavery, I’d go farther in saying: All society is slavery, those who are
not slaves are the few who control the many, slavery is not dependent upon fluctuating degrees of
pressure from above, nor is it dependent upon a consistent set providing governance; slavery is
ownership in man, man is owned from the day he enters this world to the day he departs, it is
demonstrable, and self-evidently so.

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