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Welcome to the only pro-slavery website on the internet; this website came into
its’ existence on April 15th, 2020. Here you’ll find pro-slavery literature, music,
poems, and much more. The owners’ goal for this site is to articulate a modern
Fitzhughian ideology known as Syntagonism. The Syntagonistic philosophy
of politics is pro-slavery thought applied not as an addition to a primary societal
vision but, instead, the principle of slavery is applied and recognized as the
foremost good, and fundamental basis of, all societal relations. Syntagonists
are advocates of the creed of slavery, primarily but not solely, for the purposes
of communal synthesis, and the higher ideal of a unified collective will defining
the nuances of mankinds’ inter-relations through co-dependent harmonious
inter-relations of just governance, which would function in operative tandem
with all collectively resonative dynamics within the spheres of social, economic,
and perceptual existence; we do this while still presenting, honoring, and
conditionally affirming the alternative and complimenatary ancient, modern,
and antebellum pro-slavery argumentation and perspectives.

Humanity has embraced a doctrine of freedom, individual autonomy,
and the goal of mass emancipation from fixed hierarchy. We oppose
these pursuits. We believe that the ideal of human freedom and its’
excesses to be an abomination, we believe that the axiom of human
liberation has the tendency to negate meaningful considerations of
societal decency, and subverts, and oftentimes erodes, all claims
and expectations of collective propriety, within “free society.”

Defining slavery as ownership in man, or involuntary servitude,
slavery is an a-negotiable fixed aspect of the eternal collective
development of humanity. The degree of slavery we should have
should be dependent upon the moral health and societal stability
of those functioning within society. The variant of slavery we have
today is insufficient for the purpose of moral education, and even
it is being eroded continuously. We believe “all nature’s difference,
keeps all nature’s peace.” In relationship to this belief we desire an
inter-articulated societal synthesis, where antinomic elements, and
potential excess, can be responsibly modified, through a method
of intuitive syntagonistic reasoning, where the necessary corrective
pressures can be applied thereupon, in the pursuit of a constructive
balance, for the betterment of all within civilization.

We must create, and invite, a new world; for the old is rotting, and will fall
away in time. The maxim of “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” will be replaced
with a mantra that is the antithesis of the old doctrine: “Slavery, Subordination,
and Government.” The bedrock of this grand construction must be a propriety
oriented set of ideals, a rigid hierarchy, and a righteous civilization. We must
disavow, and ultimately disregard, the order, as it is. A conception of society
that is divorced from a meaningful understanding of those who reside therein,
that is governed solely by the discretion of the short-sighted selfish mass of
humanity. This is the society as it is, and it is worthy of repudiation; instead our
arrangment of human affairs should be for, and motivated by, an unmitigated
consecration to the cause of right, through an absolute subordination to all
that is representative of good, which is slavery.

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