Welcome to the only pro-slavery website on the internet,
this website came into its existence on April 15th, 2020.
Here you’ll find pro-slavery music, literature, poems,
& much more. The goal of this website is to articulate
a modern pro-slavery point of view, while honoring
and presenting ancient and antebellum pro-slavery
arguments and pro-slavery perspectives.

Humanity is moving towards a doctrine of egalitarianism,
freedom, liberty, individual autonomy, emancipation from
fixed hierarchy, and the “divine” or “natural” rights of man.
We oppose these pursuits, we believe the ideal of human
freedom and its excesses to be an abomination that often
negates all considerations of decency, and subverts all
claims of righteousness, propriety, morality, etc.

Defining slavery as ownership in man, or involuntary
servitude, slavery is inescapable, but the degree of
slavery we have today is wholly insufficient, and
is being degraded day by day.

We must return to order, return to hierarchy, return to
civilization defined not by the will of the autonomous,
individualist masses, but by an unmitigated consecration
to the cause of right through absolute subordination
to good, which is slavery.

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