American Presidents who owned Slaves

List of the American Presidents who owned Slaves

American presidents cumulatively owned 1,500+ slaves.

1st American President, 1789-1797 George Washington owned 317 slaves

3rd American President, 1801-1809 Thomas Jefferson owned 600+ slaves

4th American President, 1809-1817 James Madison owned 100+ slaves

5th American President, 1817-1825 James Monroe owned 75 slaves

7th American President, 1829-1837 Andrew Jackson owned 200 slaves

8th American President, 1837-1841 Martin Van Buren owned 1 slave

9th American President, 1841 William Henry Harrison owned 11 slaves

10th American President 1841-1845 John Tyler owned 70 slaves

11th American president 1845-1849 James K. Polk owned 25 slaves

12th American President 1849-1850 Zachary Taylor owned 150 slaves

17th American President 1865-1869 Andrew Johnson owned 8 slaves

18th American President 1869-1877 Ulysses S. Grant owned 1 slave

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