An Advertisement – Abraham Seixas, 1784

All so gracious,
Once again does offer
His service pure
For to secure
Money in the coffer.

He has for sale
Some Negroes, male,
Will suit full well grooms,
He has likewise
Some of their wives
Can make clean, dirty rooms.

For planting, too,
He has a few
To sell, all for the cash,
Of various price,
To work the rice
Or bring them to the lash.

The young ones true,
If that will do,
May some be had of him
To learn your trade
They may be made,
Or bring them to your trim.

The boatmen great,
Will you elate
They are so brisk and free;
What e’er you say,
They will obey,
If you buy them from me.

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