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“The Democratic party, purged of its radicalism and largely recruited from the ranks of the old line Whigs, has become
eminently and actively conservative. It is the antipodes of the Democratic party of the days of Jefferson, in the grounds
which it occupies and the opinions which it holds, (what it professes to hold is another thing.) Yet it has been a consistent
party throughout. Consistent, in wisely and boldly adapting its action to the emergencies of the occasion. It is pathological,
and practices according to prevailing symptoms. ‘Tis true, it has a mighty Nosology in its Declaration of Independence, Bills
of Rights, Constitutions, Platforms, and Preambles and Resolutions; but, like a good physician, it watches the state of the
patient, and casts Nosology to the dogs when the symptoms require it. When we entered the party we were radicals, and
half Abolitionists, and found inscribed on its banner, “The world is too much governed!” Now, we are sure the conviction has
fastened itself on the heart of every good citizen, that “the world is too little governed.” The true and honorable distinction
of the Democratic party is, that it has but one unbending principle – “The safety of the people is the supreme law.” To this
party we think the Nation and the North may confidently look for a happy exodus from our difficulties. It is pure, honest,
active and patriotic now, and will continue so as long as the dark cloud of Abolition and Socialism lowers and threatens at
the North. Long and quiet possession of power will be sure to corrupt it. It will be then time to cast it aside. It is now able,
and it alone is able, to grapple with and strangle the treasons of the North. “Times change, and men change with them.”
Good and brave men are proud, not ashamed, of such changes. Let no false pride of seeming consistency deter us from
an avowal, which omitted, may trammel and impede our action. Our old Nosology is an effective arsenal and armory for
the most ultra Abolitionists, and the more effective, because we have not formally repudiated it. Let “The world is too
little governed” be adopted as our motto, inscribed upon our flag and run up to the mast-head.”
– George Fitzhugh, Cannibals All!, pages: 370-371, 1857

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