Anti-Abolitionist Books

Anti-Abolitionist Literature

Anti-abolitionist books that were, primarily. intended
to critique pro-emancipation ideas and defend slavery

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Remarks upon slavery, occasioned by
attempts made to circulate improper
publications in the Southern States
– William Hobby, 1835

Vindex on the liability of the abolitionists
to criminal punishment, and on the duty of the
non-slave-holding states to suppress their efforts
– Anonymous, 1835

The amenability of Northern incendiaries
as well to Southern as to Northern laws
– Richard Yeadon, 1835

The South vindicated from the treason and
fanaticism of the northern abolitionists
– Anonymous, 1836

A refutation of the principles of abolition;
– A lady of Fredericksburg, Va, 1836

Abolitionism exposed!
– W.W. Sleigh, 1838

Abolition a Sedition
– A Northern Man, 1839

Southern state rights, free trade
and anti-abolition tract no. 1.
– Unknown, 1844

A Comparison of slavery with abolitionism
– Unknown, 1848

Abolitionism unveiled!
– H.E. James, 1850

A review of Garrisonian
fanaticism and its influence
– Uknown, 1852

Slavery vs abolition
– Unknown, 1860

A defence of southern slavery
– A Southern Clergyman, 1851

An inquiry into the nature and
results of the anti-slavery agitation
– Unknown, 1851

Fanaticism and its results;
or, Facts versus fancies
– A southerner, 1860

The contrast; or,The Bible and
abolitionism: an exegetical argument
– William Graham, 1844

Evidence against the views of the abolitionists:
consisting of physical and moral proofs, of the
natural inferiority of the negroes.
– Richard H. Colfax, 1833

Abolitionism unveiled or, Its origin, progress
and pernicious tendency fully developed
– Henry Field James, 1856

Anti-abolition Tracts no. 1
– Dr. John H. Van Evrie, 1863

Abolition and secession
– A Unionist, 1862

A death blow to the principles of abolition
– Lucy Kenney, 1830

Shall the Federal Government Instigate a Servile War?
Is Slaveholding Constitutional and Scriptural?
– Rev. James Preston Fugitt, 1862

The West India Colonies
– James MacQueen, 1824

The Colonial Controversy
– James MacQueen, 1825

A review of abolitionism, or The question of
slavery, as it exists in the United States, considered
– Judge Seth Lewis, 1837

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