Pro-Slavery Fictional Literature

This section contains anti-Tom literature,
plantation literature, plantation fiction,
and pro-slavery fiction more generally

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The Cabin and Parlor; or, Slaves and Masters
– Charles Jacobs Peterson, 1852

Aunt Phillis’s Cabin; or, Southern Life as it is
– Mary H. Eastman, 1852

Uncle Robin: In His Cabin in Virginia,
and Tom Without One in Boston
– J.W. Page, 1853

Life at the South : or, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” as it is
– William L.G. Smith, 1852

The Sword and the Distaff
– William Gilmore Simms, 1853

White Acre vs. Black Acre
– William M. Burwell, 1856

Ellen; or, The Fanatic’s Daughter
– Mrs. V.G. Crowden, 1860

Little Eva, the Flower of the South
– Phillip J. Cozans, 1853

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” Contrasted with Buckingham
Hall, the Planter’s Home, or, A Fair View
of Both Sides of the Slavery Question
– Robert Criswell, 1852

AntiFanaticism: A Tale of the South
– Martha Haines Butt, 1853

Life at the South. A Companion to Uncle Tom’s Cabin
– C.H. Wiley, 1852

The Ebony Idol
– G.M. Flanders, 1860

Liberia; or, Mr. Peyton’s Experiments
– Sarah Josepha Hale, 1853

Frank Freeman’s Barber Shop: A Tale
– Baynard Rush Hall

The Planter’s Northern Bride
– Caroline Lee Hentz, 1854

Tit For Tat: A Novel
– A Lady of New Orleans, 1856

The Lofty and the Lowly; or, Good in All and None All Good
– Maria J. McIntosh, 1853

Swallow Barn, or, A Soujourn in the Old Dominion
– John Pendleton Kennedy, 1851

The Black Gauntlet: A Tale of
Plantation Life in South Carolina
– Mary Howard Schoolcraft, 1860

Mr. Frank, The Underground Mail-Agent
– Vidi, 1853

English Serfdom and American Slavery
or, Ourselves–As Others See Us
– Lucien Chase, 1854

The Master’s House: A Tale of Southern Life
– Thomas Bangs Thorpe, 1854

Recollections of a New England
bride and of a southern matron
– Caroline Howard Gilman, 1852

“A Child of the Sun,” The Summer-land: A Southern Story
– D. Appleton, 1855

The Olive Branch; or White Oak Farm
– Anonymous, 1857

Ethel Sommers, or The Fate of the Union
– James Smythe, 1857

A Visit to The Virginian Canaan and the
Adventures of Porte Crayon and his Cousins
– David Hunter Strother, 1857

The Brother Clerks, a Tale of New Orleans
– Mrs. Gideon Townsend, 1857

New England Chattels; or, Life in the Northern Poor House
– Samuel .H. Elliot, 1858

The Sunny South, or The Southerner at Home
– J.H. Ingraham, 1860

The slaveholder Abroad; or, Billy Buck’s Visit, with his Master, to England
– Ebenezer Starnes, 1860

The Yankee Slave-Dealer; or, An abolitionist Down South
– A Texan, 1860

Hatchie, the guardian slave, or, The heiress of Bellevue
– Warren T. Ashton, 1853

Old Toney and his master, or,
The abolitionist and the land-pirate
– Desmos, 1861

The Valley of Shenandoah: Or, Memoirs of the Graysons
– George Tucker, 1825

Anticipations of the Future, to
Serve as Lessons for the Present Time
– Edmund Ruffin, 1860

Linda; or, The young pilot of Belle Creole
– Caroline Lee Hentz, 1850

Marly; or, a Planter’s Life in Jamaica
– Unknown, 1828

– Augusta J. Evans, 1859

The Creole Orphans: Or Lights and Shadows
of Southern Life. A Tale of Louisiana
– James Peacocke, 1856

Marcus Warland; or, The Long Moss
Spring; a tale of the South
– Caroline Lee Hentz, 1852

Tempest and sunshine, or, Life in Kentucky
– Mary Jane Holmes, 1854

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