Liberty and Civilization – George Fitzhugh (Transcribed)
Liberty and Civilization – George Fitzhugh, 1866 As civilization advances liberty recedes, because laws become more complex and numerous, public […]
Pro-Slavery Books by George Fitzhugh
Pro-Slavery Books by George Fitzhugh George Fitzhughs’ two published pro-slavery books,and a compilation of letters featuring Fitzhugh engagingin debate with […]
Pro-Slavery Music
Pro-Slavery Songs A compilation of Pro-Slavery and anti-abolitionist songs. In the Evening by the Moonlight (1880) Carry me Back to […]
George Fitzhugh, 1806-1881
George Fitzhugh, 1806-1881 A Pro-Slavery Activist, Social Theorist, Writer, and Lawyer. Fitzhughs’ Pro-Slavery perspective was formed in 1844,during the terroristic […]
Pro-Slavery School Books
Pro-Slavery School Books A collection of Confederate school booksand pro-slavery antebellum school books (Clicking covers will redirect to the full […]
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