Christian Pro-Slavery Quotes

Quotes by pro-slavery Christians invoking God in their advocacy of slavery

“The prime cause, then, of slavery is sin, which brings man under
the dominion of his fellow — that which does not happen save by
the judgment of God, with whom is no unrighteousness, and who
knows how to award fit punishments to every variety of offence.”
– St. Augustine

“Slavery forms a vital element of the Divine Revelation to man. Its
institution, regulation, and perpetuity, constitute a part of many of the
books of the Bible. The public mind needs enlightening from the sacred
teachings of inspiration on this subject. It is necessary for ministers of
the gospel to teach slavery from the pulpit, as it was taught by the holy
men of old, who spake as moved by the Holy Spirit. Both Christianity
and slavery are from heaven; both are blessings to humanity; both
are to be perpetuated to the end of time.”
– Ebenezer Warren

“No humane institution, in my opinion, is more manifestly
consistent with the will of God than domestic slavery. If
we look into the elements of which all political communities
are composed, it will be found that servitude in some form,
is one of the essential constituents in the very nature of
things, there must be classes of persons to discharge all the
different offices of society, from the highest to the lowest.”
– George McDuffie

Slavery is an established and inevitable condition to human
society. I will maintain the ground that God always intended
the relation of master and slave to exist; that Christ and
the early teachers of Christianity, found slavery differing
in no material respect from American slavery, incorporated
into every department of society, that slavery having
existed ever since the first organization of society,
it will exist to the end of time.”
– Gov. William G. Brownlow

“God as he is infinitely wise, just and holy never
could authorize the practice of moral evil. But God
has authorized the practice of slavery, not only
by bare permission of his providence, but by the
express permission of his word.”
– Samuel Dunwoody

“Slavery was sanctioned in the Bible, authorized, regulated, and
recognized from Genesis to Revelation. Slavery existed then in
the earliest ages, and among the chosen people of God; and
in Revelation we are told that it shall exist till the end of time
shall come. You find it in the Old and New Testaments – in
the prophecies, psalms, and the epistles of Paul; you find
it recognized – sanctioned everywhere.”
– Jefferson Davis

“The Bible is a pro-slavery Bible, and God is a pro-slavery
God, notwithstanding all you say to the contrary. We judge
for ourselves it is our duty to do so we are responsible to
God for the opinions we thus form, and before high heaven
we are solemnly and conscientiously convinced that slavery
is of Him, and therefore right. If right, it is not doomed;
for if God be for us, who can be against us? Its battles
are God’s, its victories will be His.”
– Ebenezer Warren

“Heaven’s laws are not repealable by Earth, however Earth may try,-and it
has been trying hard, in some directions, of late! I say, no well-being and in
the end no being at all, will be possible for you or us, if the law of Heaven is
not complied with. And if ‘slave’ mean essentially ‘servant hired for life,’-for
life, or by a contract of long continuance and not easily dissoluble,-I ask once
more, Whether, in all human things, the ‘contract of long continuance’ is not
precisely the contract to be desired?”
– Thomas Carlyle

“He instituted slavery from the first, as he instituted marriage
and parental authority. Profane, presumptuous, ignorant
man, in attempting to improve, has marred and defaced
the work of his Creator. Wife and children, although not
free, are relieved from care and anxiety, supported and
protected, and their situation is as happy and desirable
as that of the husband and parent. In this we see
the doings of a wise and just God.”
– George Fitzhugh

“The fact is uncontrovertable, that the first mention we
have of slavery is found in the holy bible, pronounced by
a man who was perfect in his generation and walked with
God. And so far From that prediction’s being averse from
the mind of God it remains as a lasting monument of the
decree of Jehovah, to the shame and confusion of all who
have cried out against the South, in consequence
of their holding the sons of Ham in servitude!”
– Joseph Smith, Founder of Mormonism

“If slavery be a sin, it is not yours. It does not rest
on your action for its origin, on your consent for its
existence. It is a common law right to property in
the service of man; its origin was Divine decree.”
– Jefferson Davis

“He who denies that God made the multitude to be
directed, governed, and controlled by the few, and
that this common multitude is happier, more virtuous
and prosperous when governed, than when governing,
quarrels with the course of nature, and disputes
the wisdom and beneficence of Deity.”
– George Fitzhugh

“It is most in accordance with natural law that
the lowest should be the slave of the highest type
of Mankind. The inferior, nature has stamped on
form and feature, and on the pages of the Bible is
inscribed, for him, the decree of eternal servitude.”
– Unknown, 1872

“The institution of slavery is as old as the oldest of human institutions
-is recognized by the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments-and
the right of man to hold property in his fellow man, is taught from the
opening to the close of the Bible. I might content myself with the assertion
that, even among the Hebrews, the legislation of Moses provided for the
event in which a Jew is constrained to sell himself through poverty, and to
acknowledge the right of property in him by his purchaser. I might content
myself with saying, as I now do, that Christians of undoubted piety, in
the days of Christ and the Apostles owned slaves, and their rights of
property in them were recognized by the Saviour and the Apostles.”
– Gov. William G. Brownlow

“Masters, yea, and mistresses too, must have their devices how to do good
unto their servants; how to make them the servants of Christ, and the children
of God. God, whom you must remember to be “your Master in heaven,” has
brought them, and put them into your hands. Who can tell what good he has
brought them for? How if they should be the elect of God, fetched from Africa,
or the Indies, and brought into your families, on purpose, that by the means
of their being there, they may be brought home unto the Shepherd of souls!”
– Rev. Richard Baxter, 1710

“We recognize the negro as God and God’s Book and God’s
Laws, in nature, tell us to recognize him – our inferior, fitted
expressly for servitude. You cannot transform the negro
into anything one-tenth as useful or as good as what
slavery enables them to be.”
– Jefferson Davis

“The negro has no more right to freedom from under the “dominion” or control of mankind,
than any other animal, for it is the order of the Creator, and not the order of mankind, that
the negro, as well as all other domestic animals, should be under the control of mankind.
And there will never be peace on earth until God is obeyed, and order Is restored at this
point. The cotton and cane fields, etc., and not school houses, is the creator’s appointed
position for this mere animal, this “beast of the field.”
– John C. Boal, 1902

“Is the negro made for slavery? God in heaven! what are we, that because
we cannot understand the mystery of this Thy will, we should dare rise in
rebellion and call it wrong, unjust, and evil? The kindness of nature fits each
creature to fulfil its destiny. The very virtues of the negro fit him for slavery
and his vices cry aloud for the shackles of bondage!”
– J.D.B. De Bow

“To say that slavery is the natural order. is the same as
to say that it is the divine order. Slavery is eminently
scriptural. When the old world had been washed out by
the flood, because it had gone to the bad, and only one
family was saved for seed, and all was ready to begin
right, Noah founded slavery by an inverted Messing on the
posterity of one of his three sons. This started the new
world on the right foundation. The blessings and curses
of the patriarchs were inspired judgments
and they stood for all time.”
– Unknown

“The governed, by means of their very weakness and dependence, sufficiently
control their governor, for in the moral world, weakness is strength. Had God
made man entirely selfish, he never would have required of him the impossible
duty, of “loving his neighbour as himself,” or, of “doing unto others as he would
that they should do unto him.” But making him anti-selfish, as well as selfish,
these duties become of easy and natural performance, except with depraved
and wicked natures. Most men, in the ordinary relations of life, in slave
society, approach this Christian standard.”
– George Fitzhugh

“Slavery has done more to elevate a degraded race in
the scale of humanity; to tame the savage; to civilize
the barbarous; to soften the ferocious; to enlighten the
ignorant, and to spread the blessings of Christianity
among the heathen, than all the missionaries that
philanthropy and religion have ever sent forth.”
– Chancellor William Harper

“Does slavery violate the Higher Law? Certainly not, if that
Higher Law is to be found only in the Bible. Certainly not, if
you throw aside the Bible, and infer what is right, proper, and
natural, from the course of nature, the lessons of history, or
the voice of experience. But consult the same sources for
your Higher Law, and as certainly is free society a violation
of the laws of Nature and the revealed will of God.”
– George Fitzhugh

“In the order of a beneficent Providence, the ignorant and brutal
savage of Africa has been immeasurably elevated and blessed
by a means which philanthropists dencunce as “the sum of all
villainies.” The hand of God was in it, and, when the mission of
slavery was accomplished, the institution was abolished.”
– Unknown, 1880

“The American institution of slavery does not depress the African,
but elevates him in the scale of social and religious being. It
does not drag him down from the condition of free-citizenship and
from membership in organized society to slavery; but it elevates
him from the condition of a nomad, a heathen, a brute, to that of
a civilized and comfortable creature, and gives to him
the priceless treasure of a saving religion.”
– Edward Pollard

“The slave trade, however, so far as the African was
concerned, was a blessing; it brought him from abject
slavery and a barbarian master, and sold him into a
Christian land. It brought him from a benighted region,
and placed him in one where civilization would elevate
and dignify his nature. It is a fact which history fully
establishes, that through the portal of slavery alone,
has the decendant of the graceless son of Noah ever
entered the temple of civilization. Thus has been
made manifest the inscrutable wisdom of the decree
which made him a servant of servants. The slave
trade has been the greatest source
of permanent blessing to him.”
– Jefferson Davis

“The African slave trade was the best part of slavery. It
brought the heathen here and saved their souls. “What
shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” The Africans
got the best end of the bargain. They were Christianized,
and their souls were saved in exchange for their labor
and increase. Yet it was profitable to the godliness of
the masters, and the African slave trade was the only
truly successful foreign missionary enterprise
that was ever undertaken.”
– Unknown

“It is evident beyond all controversy, that the removal
of the Africans from the state of brutality, wretchedness,
and misery in which they are at home so deeply involved,
to this land of light, humanity, and christian knowledge,
is to them so great a blessing.”
– Theodore Parsons (1773)

“Not a single negro was ever reclaimed from his savage state till he
was caught, tied, tamed and domesticated like the wild ox or the wild
horse, Talk of sending missionaries to such a people! Why, millions of
missionaries have been side by side with them for four thousand
years, and none but the slave-dealer ever made a convert.”
– George Fitzhugh

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