Does Not Carry Both Ways – Unknown, 7/27/1859 (A Critique of the Underground Railroad)

Does Not Carry Both Ways – Unknown, 7/27/1859
(A Critique of the Underground Railroad)

The Underground Railroad does not carry passengers both ways. it has active runners on the borders of the slave States,
instructed to stimulate, by all sorts of appliances, negroes to run away, and to ticket through to the Queen’s dominions all
such and all other runaway negroes;. but not one negro who has tired of Canadian liberty will it carry back to his old home
in the South, however,importunate he may be to reach that destination. A case in point has recently happened. The other
day a boat arrived at Cleveland, from Port Stanley, Canada, containing sixteen fugitive slaves who had been brought over
the Underground Railroad during the past two years, and who were on their way back to the South. Having wearied of their
hard lot in Canada, and having sought in vain to go back by the some aid which had brought them northward, they had
written to their former masters begging for assistance and entreating that they might return to the comforts and joys which
they had been induced to desert. Their masters favorably responded, and sixteen happier negroes had never been seen
than those-who took the above-ground railroad line from Cleveland to Cincinnati immediately upon the arrival of the above
-mentioned boat from Port Stanley. What must be thought of the managers of the Underground Railroad, who will neither
save from starving, nor aid to return to their old homes, negroes whom they have stolen in the South and transported to
Canada? What description of philanthropy is it that animates these managers? They do the Master an injury in stealing
his negroes, and this is their intent; but they do the negroes a greater injury in giving them freedom which they cannot
support and which makes them worthless vagabonds. But what care these managers for the negroes, so that they inflict
damage upon the masters? And right here we have a solution of the philanthropy that animates these managers.

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