Dr. John H. Van Evrie. 1814 – 1896

Dr. John H. Van Evrie, 1814 – 1896

Dr. John H. Van Evrie was a leading pro-slavery
thinker, writer, and newspaper editor.

Living in New York for most of his life, Van Evrie wrote primarily
for his own publications “The Weekly Day Book” and “The Old Guard”
which were published by his publishing company “Van Evrie, Horton
& Company” like The Day Book (formerly titled “The Caucasian”),
The Old Guard was a pro-slavery, racialist newspaper for and by
conservative, White, pro-slavery thinkers.

Dr. Van Evrie unlike most of his pro-slavery contemporaries was a northerner,
an advocate against the civil war, advancing the cause of peaceful separation,
Van Evrie found the labels of the day to be insufficient, and fundamentally
flawed, considering the term slavery to have a connotation of artificiality
he coined the term subgenation to express the natural relations between
the fundamentally inferior negro, and the superiority of the whites under
the divine institution. The whites being a master race, given authority
by God, to rule, and the negro a servile being to be cultivated, and
enabled, in his place, and within his specific racial aptitudes. Dr.
Van Evries’ slogan was “The White Republic against the World.”

Van Evrie was a dedicated writer penning tens of articles, multiple pamphlets,
and a number of widely read books. His most famous, and well distributed
being. “Negroes, and negro slavery” first published in 1853. It is known as
being one of the most widely read pro-slavery books in existence. In it he
articulates his beliefs relating principally to slavery, and race, Van Evrie
believed slavery should be communal in nature, and not a centralized,
private profit driven affair, on the basis that a white hierarchy based
upon class distinctions was articificial, immoral, and counter
productive to the advancement of American civilization.

Pertaining to democracy he argued that the presence of Negroes, and
Indians in America provided the race relations necessary to understand
Europeam in-group equality, and thus the existence of the inferior races
was the facilitating factor in the rationalization and
manifestation of American Democracy.

Van Evrie released his last book “White Supremacy and Negro Subordination
(1868)” a modifiied, updated version of “Negroes, and Negro slavery” and
retired from writing iin the early 1870’s, dying in 1896. A dedicated defender,
innovator, and advocate of, and for slavery until his passing, we recognize
Dr. John H. Van Evrie as being a premier thinker, activist, literary genius,
and applaud his unquestionable dedication to the cause slavery. We
highly recommend reading his books, pamphlets, articles, and all the
material one can find, aswell as listening to a number of his works,
as audiobooks, both can be found linked below.

Books by Dr. John H. Van Evrie

Articles by Van Evrie amongst others

Audiobooks of John H. Van Evries’ works

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