Literature Instructing the Ownership of Slaves

Literature Instructing the Ownership of Slaves

Books on the proper ownership of slaves

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An essay on the management of slaves, and
especially, on their religious instruction
– Whitemarsh Seabrook, 1834

The religious instruction of the
negroes in the United States
– Charles C. Jones, 1842

Onesimus: or, The apostolic directions to
Christian masters, in reference to their slaves
– Anonymous, 1842

Essay on the treatment and management of slaves
– Robert Collins, 1853

Practical rules for the management and medical
treatment of Negro slaves in the sugar colonies
– Dr. Collins, 1803

Duties of Christian masters.
– H. N. M’Tyeire, 1859

Detail of a Plan for the Moral Improvement of Negroes on Plantations
– Thomas Clay, 1833

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