Modern Pro-Slavery Quotes

Modern quotes, generally from the owner of this website, endorsing slavery

“A great many people believe that slavery is an inherent wrong, however
when it is understood that the most essential characteristic of slavery
is the same, in principle and in practice, as that which originates and
operates in all of society; we can then infer that slavery, instead of being
an inherent wrong, is an inherent right that we ought to provide and
are obligated to preserve.”
– Slavery Advocate

“Societies come into being through the imposition of order
by the many upon the few, societies are maintained, and
led, by the manifest rule of the few over the many.”
– Slavery Advocate

“From the moment that you were born to the moment you will die you have
been, and will continue to be, controlled. Proclaim all of the “human rights”
you’d like, put into practice your “individual autonomy,” expound upon your
foremost cherished notions of liberty, do all of this until your throat is coarse,
your lungs are desperate, and the spoken word is an unwelcomed burden.
You will be, at that moment, no more free than the prideful servant who will
never lift a finger in protest of your mutual slavery.”
– Slavery Advocate

“A life that violates the foremost tenets of propriety is not owed
to the perpetrator, liberty, of a licentious type, that infests, clings
to, and acts as an albatross upon all that is good in a people is not
worthy of preservation, and a pursuit of happiness that results
in the cherishment by the deviant in proportion to the sorrow of
our most treasured is worthy of conscious scornful eradication.”
– Slavery Advocate

“All societies emerge, in perception, as “free” democracies. The gradual
recognition of the need for an exclusive government controlled, and
existing, for a purpose beyond, and above, an exhibition of laissez-faire
arises in proportion to the cumulative misery and moral rot inflicted
upon the citizenry by the the democracy of human action. After the
proud violations of liberty and pursuits of happiness through policies
imposed upon the many by the few, then the sentiment for freedom and
liberty is introduced anew and the affairs now achieved are cited as the
results all should expect from a naturally fair, free, and moral people.”
– Slavery Advocate

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