My Sympathies for Racial Slavery Explained

My Sympathies for Racial Slavery Explained

In my advocacy of slavery race is often presupposedly invoked by those who are ignorant of the
character of my intended proposition. I frequently retort “My variant of slavery would, ideally, be
implemented in a mono-racial society, and therefore could have no racial component,” which is
true. I don’t exclusively do this to ensure we mutually arrive at the intended heart of the discussion,
in a swifter manner than would have been accomplished with a preface of the discussion on racial
properiety and all of the prejudicial notions and assurences of future distruptive invocation that
would, almost definitely, provide. I often frame it in that manner as I genuinely favor the notion
of a mono-racial society over all multi-racial models, however a key facet that that discussion
unintentionally excludes is my, as of yet, unarticulated sympathies for race based slavery, but
it should be known: I do not advocate this form of slavery or the underlying society it entails as
an ideal, nor do I advocate this as a preferential practical solution, I believe it to be preferable
relative to this modern, racially egalitarian, democratic society, aswell as believing it to be the
best variant of multi-racial society in any form, but I do not believe it to be the best form of society
in totality. Having given, what I hope has been, an appropriate degree of nuance between sympathy
and advocacy, my thoughts on the matter of racial slavery are as follows: While the non-White
may be in our lands he can never be of our lands, if our lands are to be, and imply, anything
more than geography and soil. Our lands are our home and with these lands being our home
they entail our particular unique dispositions, history, familial body, and societal direction. We
have cultivated our civilziation to be of and for our own, consciously or not, and in this grand
construction of civilization we have demonstrated not just in action but also intent the family to
be the core, the mass being second, the state being third in the common conception of those
of White civilization. Who is the family? The family, fundamentally, is the union between the
man and the woman in a consecration of absolute devotion and assurance of their respective
duties to eachother, which eventually leads to the procreation, birthing, and rearing of a
new life. The families within a region make up the cornerstone of that community, and
consequently there is not just the individual family unit, in the traditional sense, instead
there is the national family, granting this the family is the bedrock of all community, the
bedrock of inter-generational interest, and the foundation of the state.

Through this familial bedrock and the ramifications related thereto we can understand that the national
community is not inclusive, but instead exclusive with regards to the prioritization of the character of the
whole as opposed to the foreign, the racial constitution, and the political and social hierarchies to be.
Collective concern for the national family dictates that those not of the family should be given more social
scrutiny, less a-contextual freedom, and regarded with a special consideration that you would not give
the national citizenry. All participants in society owe a societal debt, as society itself is the bedrock by
which we live prosperous, meaningful lives, but those of the minority population owe an intrinsic
debt to the national citizenry as the minority population does not have near the ensurance of paying
their societal debts by being a satisfactory member of our civilization, and we have no guarantee that
they’ll pay this debt within the private, free section of society. They are not of the nation and by virtue
of this irreconcilable truth they must be ensured to be in conformity with national ideals to the furthest
degree. Minority populations, especially on the basis of race, are often nepotistic on the basis of their
shared ancestral story, their own sense of distinct being, and a sense of a shared interest in manifesting
their own peculiar tendencies amongst a population that shows no tendency towards being imitable
of the minority populations unique expressions. Given these tendencies, aswell as the aforementioned
debt of the minority populations they should be forcibly put into the slave system thereby ensuring
they assimilate, they pay their debts to the national whole, and they are controlled by representatives
of the whole to be guided. This ensures all facets of the population are working to their fullest capability
in conformity to the ideals of the governing body and of the White race in a position of mastery. They
in their everyday affairs will not be pests with their own anti-social, undesirable particulars but instead
can serve their role within our lands, just as much as the father serves his role of educating the son,
the school teacher serves their role of providing patriotic understanding, the state fufills its role of
proper governance for all, the minority races fill their role of toil and utility per the need of the whole.

Without these societal protections the minority races congregate into their own ghettos/communal
dwellings and define their spaces independent of the scrutiny of the representative of the ancestral
citizen and begin a process of both conscious and unconscious subversion of regional norms and
ultimately of national character. They lobby public expense for their interpretation of their wants and
needs, they influence our youth to idolize their representatives, they utilize their finances for their
own well being in spite, and to the exclusion, of the whole. In the slave setting their needs are not
construed on the basis of external interpretation of self-interested lobbying, but instead a clear,
personal, and direct interpretation by the representatives within the slave system, who understand
their needs, and know how to properly remedy those needs and wants in a respectable manner,
while having notions of the national body, as is representative of the masters own well being.
This slave system will provide and ensure a sense of duty to the host population, as they are
not just caring, providing for, and being entrusted with the racial foreigner, but they are being
aided and serviced by the subordinate racial foreigner under their communal lordship. To
abandon or abuse this grant is to not just endanger ones self and ones reputation but it’s
also to lose this particular utility and become a pariah and antagonistic to the collective will
of the whole. Thus is my rationalization for my racial slavery and why I have found myself
in sympathy with this notion. It ensures systematic domestic racial and cultural supremacy
in lands that would be host to a number of different peoples.

While I may be in sympathy with these notions, ultimately I believe the prioritization by the
White race should be of and for our racial kindred, and while racial slavery is a solution to
the problems that accompany a multi-racial state, we do not need, nor should we want, to
subject ourselves to those problems and burdens that any student of history is all too familiar
with, and instead we can, and should, utilize slavery aswell as all utilities and systems for
the betterment of the racial whole, instead of integrating and compromising with the foreign
population we should improve our own, and pursue a state made up of the best of our race,
and not co-sign ourselves to the racial antagonisms, and self prostrating pressures mitigated
as they would be, that accompany all multi-racial territorial co-existent populations. As to the
question of the contemporary reality of the American experience, I believe on a temporary,
contextual basis that the enslavement of the racially foreign could be done in order to facilitate
other methods of permanent separation, aswell as instill a sense of duty, responsibility, and
racial priority to a subset of the masses, but only for the length of time necessary to complete
the arrangements for total repatriation. The sovereignty of our race, the propriety of our state,
and the continuation of our blood and the honor related thereto is contingent upon an absolute
consecration and subordination in the service of, and to, our racial destiny as should be
conceptualized, constituted, and actualized exclusively by our White race.

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