Our massa Jefferson he say – Asmodeo, 1802

Decere res grandes noftro dat Musa Poete

Our massa Jefferson he say,
Dat all mans free alike are born;
Den tell me, why should Quashee stay,
To tend de cow and hoe de corn?
Huzza for massa Jefferson;

And if all mans? alike be free
Why Hab house and corn! for poor Quashee
No hab de one, no habe de oder.
Huzza, &c.

And why should one hab de white wife,
And me hab only Quangeroo?
Me no see reason for me life!
No! Quashee hab de white wife too,
Huzza, &c.

For make all like, let blackee hab
De white womans…dat be de track!
Den Quashee de white wife will hab,
And massa Jefferson shall hab de black.

Why should a judge, (him alway white,)
‘Pon pickaninny put him paw,
Cause he steal little! dat no rite!
No! Quashee say he’ll hab no law,
Huzza, &c.

Who care, me wonder, for de judge?
Quashee no care… no not a feder;
Our party soon we make him trudge,
We all be democrat togeder.
Huzza, &c.

For where de harm to cut de troat
Of him no like! or rob a little?
To take him hat, or shoe, or coat,
Or wife, or horse, or drink, or vittle?
Huzza, &c.

Huzza for us den! we de boys
To rob, and steal, and burn, and kill;
Huzza! me say, and make de noise!
Huzza for Quashee? Quashee will
Huzza for massa Jefferson!

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