Contact:[email protected] Welcome to the only pro-slavery website on the internet; this website came intoits’ existence on April 15th, 2020. Here […]
Pro-Slavery Bible Verses Bible verses defending slavery Titus 2:9-10 “Slaves are to be submissive to their own masters in everything;they […]
Twenty Points Against Abolishing Slavery– George Fitzhugh, A controversy on slavery, Pages: 5-14, 1857 The 20 points are taken from […]
Ten Questions Against Abolishing Slavery – George Fitzhugh, 1855 Originally a part of a greater letter titled “Interrogatories” to the […]
George Fitzhughs’ Explanation of Post-War Thoughts Since the above was written, an editorial of the New York Commercial Advertiser has […]
An explanation of’s Slogan “The Democratic party, purged of its radicalism and largely recruited from the ranks of the […]
Justifying Property in Man – George Fitzhugh, 1857 Note: This is from Fitzhughs’ second work “Cannibals All!” chapter 32: “Man […]
George Fitzhughs’ 1844 reply to James Lyons on Tariffs A section taken from the July 19th, 1844 edition of the […]
George Fitzhugh on Slavery A presentation of Fitzhughian thought on slavery through quotations by George Fitzhugh “I believe, and I […]
George Fitzhugh on Race A presentation of Fitzhughian thought on race through quotations by George Fitzhugh “Negroes and Indians have […]