Photos of Slavery Advocates

Photos of Slavery Advocates

Photos of prominent pro-slavery thinkers

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John C. Calhoun, unknown date
State Representative from South Carolina and
Vice President Calhoun, in his speeches and
writings, articulated many of the ideas that
were to be the some of the most influential
in American pro-slavery thought.

James Henry Hammond, unknown date
A long time Representative and Governor of South Carolina
He delivered one of the most famous pro-slavery speeches
where he expounded upon “Mudsill theory,” his writings
are featured in the compilation works “the pro-slavery
argument” and “Cotton is King, and Pro-slavery Arguments”

Professor George Frederick Holmes, unknown date
Holmes’ was a prominent defender of slavery during the antebellum period
He was most well known for his writings in a variety of Southern papers

Dr. John H. Van Evrie, 1860’s
 Often captioned with Van Evrie’s favorite
saying: “The White Republic against the World”
Dr. John H. Van Evries’ most famous work is “Negroes and Negro
“slavery:” the first an inferior race; the latter its normal condition”

George Fitzhugh, 1855
This was taken before Fitzhugh was scheduled to debate
abolitionist Wendell Phillips in New Haven, Connecticut
George Fitzhugh’s two most famous pro-slavery writings
are: “Sociology for the South” and “Cannibals All!”

Ebenezer Warren
 Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia,
this photo was taken at an unknown date and location
Warren’s most famous contribution was his pro-slavery novel:
“Nellie Norton: Or, Southern Slavery and the Bible”

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