Pro-Slavery Journey Literature

Pro-Slavery Journey Literature

Books that relay pro-slavery non-fiction anecdotes.

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A South-Side View of Slavery
– Nehemiah Adams, 1854

Aunt Phebe, Uncle Tom and others; character
studies among the old slaves of the South
– Essie Collins Matthews, 1915

The old pine farm
– Unknown, 1860

The Planter, or, Thirteen Years in the South
– David Brown, 1853

To the people of Suffolk Co. Information,
acquired from the best authority, with
respect to the institution of slavery
– William Jagger, 1856

The North and the South; or
Slavery and Its Contrasts
– Caroline Rush, 1852

The South as it is: or Twenty-one years’
experience in the southern states of America
– Rev. T. D. Ozanne, 1863

Curiosity visits to southern plantations
– Unknown, 1863

Plantation Reminiscences
– Letitia M. Burwell, 1878

Social life in old Virginia before the war
– Thomas Nelson Page, 1897

Uncle Isaac: or, Old days in the
South: a remembrance of the South
– William Dudley Powers, 1899

The old plantation: how we lived in
great house and cabin before the war
– James B. Avirett, 1901

Plantation sketches
– Margaret Devereux, 1906

An ex-slaveholders view of the
Negro question in the South
– Robert Bingham, 1900

A Tradesman’s Travels in the United States and Canada
– William Thomson, Chapter IX, page 172, 1842

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