Pro-Slavery Letters

A Collection of Compilations of Pro-Slavery Letters

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A letter from an elder in an old school
Presbyterian church to his son at college
– Unknown, 1863

A controversy on slavery
George Fitzhugh Debates A. Hogeboom, 1857

Domestic slavery considered as a scriptural institution:
between Rev. Richard Fuller and Rev. Francis Wayland
– Richard Fuller, 1847

Gov. Hammond’s letters on southern slavery:
addressed to Thomas Clarkson, abolitionist
– James Henry Hammond, 1845

A discussion on slaveholding. Three letters to a conservative
George D. Armstrong, 1858

Letters to the Hon. William Jay
– David Meredith, 1835

A letter to Viscount Palmerston,
K. G., prime minister of England,
on American slavery
– Henry Wikoff, 1861

Letters from the United States, Cuba and Canada
– Amelia M. Murray, 1856

The Women of England Versus the Women of America
– Julia Gardiner Tyler, 1853

Letter to Rev. Edwin H. Chapin,
Lucius R. Paige containing reasons
for refusing to sign a protest
against American Slavery
– N.M. Gaylord, 1846

Black diamonds gathered in
the darkey homes of the South
– Edward A. Pollard, 1860

A pastoral letter, on the religious
instruction of the slaves
– Nathaniel Bowen, 1835

The doctrines of the “abolitionists” refuted,
– Washington Tyson, 1840

A letter from a gentleman of Baltimore,
to his friend in the state of New York,
on the subject of slavery
– Joseph J. Speed, 1841

Letter by Governor Hammond to the Free
church of Glasgow, on the subject of slavery
– James Henry Hammond, 1844

A voice from the South: Letters from Georgia
to Massachusetts, and to the southern states
– Augustus Longstreet, 1847

Letters of Curtius
– William J. Grayson, 1851

A letter of inquiry to ministers of the
Gospel of all denominations, on slavery
– Nathan Lord, 1854

A northern presbyter’s second letter to ministers
of the gospel of all denominations on slavery
– Nathan Lord, 1855

Letter of an adopted Catholic
– Unknown, 1856

Organization of the cotton power
– Unknown, 1858

The religious instruction
of our colored population
– Unknown, 1859

Letters to Chas. O’Conor.
The destruction of the
union is emancipation
– Nathaniel Macon, 1860

A letter on slavery
– Nathan Lord, 1860

– Gov. Richard K. Call, 1861

The philosophy of secession
– L.W. Spratt, 1861

The South Vindicated
– James D. Williams, 1862

The slavery question
– Robert Stockton, 1850

Letters on the condition of the
African race in the United States
– A Southern Lady, 1852

Ten letters on the subject of slavery
– N.L. Rice, 1856

Position of the Southern
Church in relation to Slavery
– Frederick Augustus Ross, 1857

The Colored Population of
Maryland and slavery
– Robert S. Reeder, 1859

A letter to Philo Africanus, upon slavery
– Unknown, 1788

A Planter’s Letter
– Unknown, 1789

On the Abolition of the African Trade
– Unknown, 1789

Old Plantation Days: Being Recollections
of Southern Life Before the Civil War
– Nancy Bostick De Saussure, 1909

Marl: A Letter Addressed to the Agricultural
Society of Jefferson County, Georgia
– James Henry Hammond, 1846

Sidney’s Letters to William E. Channing, D.D.
– Daniel Whitaker, 1837

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