Pro-Slavery Music

Pro-Slavery Songs

A compilation of Pro-Slavery and anti-abolitionist songs.

In the Evening by the Moonlight (1880)

Carry me Back to Ol’ Virginny (1878)

I am Thinking of my Pickaninny Days (1901)

Massa’s in de Cold Ground (1852)

Join around the Flag (1978)

Old Folks At Home (1851)

That’s Why Darkies Were Born – Jack Payne, (1931)

Aunt Harriet Becha Stowe – Japher’s “Original” Sandy River Minstrels

Ring de Banjo (1851)

Little Old Cabin in the Lane (1871)

Early in de Morning – Glimpse of Glory

Sweet Alla Lee · Louie Setzer & The Appalachian Mountain Boys

Down in Alabam’ (1858)

Darky Sam (1866)

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