Pro-Slavery Religious Books

Pro-Slavery Religious Literature

A Collection of, primarily, antebellum pro-slavery Christian
books and pro-slavery religious books more generally

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The Christian Doctrine of Slavery
– George Armstrong, 1857.

Slavery Ordained of God
– Rev. Frederick Augustus Ross, 1857

Scriptural and Statistical Views in Favor of Slavery
– Rev. Thornton Stringfellow, 1856.

Scriptural Duties of Masters
– Rev. John Clarke Young, 1846.

Exposition of the views of the Baptists, relative
to the coloured population of the United States
– Rev. Dr. Richard Furman, 1822

The dangers and duties of the present crisis!
– Pastor Samuel Anderson, 1861

Dominion, Or the Unity and Trinity of the Human Race
– Samuel Davies Baldwin, 1857

A defence of the South against the
reproaches and incroachments of the North
– Rev. Iveson L. Brookes, 1850

Bible defence of slavery
– Rev. Josiah Priest, 1852

Bondage a moral institution,
sanctioned by the scriptures
– Unknown, 1837

A scriptural, ecclesiastical,
and historical view of slavery
– John Hopkins, 1864

The Scripture doctrine
with regard to slavery
– Unknown, 1854

Slavery Sanctioned by the Bible
– John Jones, 1861

A brief examination of Scripture
testimony on the institution of slavery
– Rev. Thornton Stringfellow, 1841

The truth restored in
regard to polygamy and slavery
-Rev. F.A. Ross & Rev. John Colenso, 1857

– A Marylander, 1860

Slavery consistent with Christianity
– Rev. Leander Kerr, 1840

View of the subject of slavery
contained in the Biblical repertory
– Unknown, 1836

Scriptural researches on the
licitness of the slave-trade
– Raymund Harris, 1788

Suggestions as to the spiritual
philosophy of African slavery
– William Holcombe, 1861

The great question answered,
or, Is slavery a sin in itself
– James Sloan, 1857

A Scriptural examination of the institution
of slavery in the United States
– Howell Cobb, 1856

A dissertation on the relative duties between
the different classes and conditions of society
– Rev. James Lowry, 1836

Antebellum Slavery:
An Orthodox Christian View
– Gary Young Roper, 2008
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Nellie Norton, or, Southern slavery and the Bible
– Rev. Ebenezer Warren, 1864

Conscience and the Constitution
– Prof. Stewart/Moses Stuart

Slavery in the United States.
– James Paulding, 1836

Slavery, as it relates to the negro, or African
race, examined in the light of circumstances,
history and the Holy Scriptures
– Josiah Priest, 1845

The philosophy of slavery as identified
with the philosophy of human happiness
– James Shannon, 1849

Slavery not forbidden by Scripture:
or, a defence of the West-India planters
– Richard Nisbet, 1773

A scriptural view of the moral
relations of African slavery
– David Ewart, 1859

Slavery: its origin, nature, and history,
considered in the light of Bible teachings,
moral justice, and political wisdom.
– Rev. Thornton Stringfellow, 1861

African Servitude: What is it,
and what is its moral character?
– Rev. William Neal Cleveland, 1861

The true interpretation of the American civil
war; or, Slavery, from a different point of view
– Onesimus Secundus, 1863

Practical considerations founded on the Scriptures,
relative to the slave population of South-Carolina
– Unknown, 1823

Methodism and slavery: with other matters in
controversy between the North and the South
– H.B. Bascom, 1845

Duties of masters to servants
– Rev. A.T. Holmes, Rev. H.N. McTyeire, & Rev. C.F. Sturgis, 1851

Bible View of Slavery
– John H. Hopkins, 1863

Shall the Federal Government Instigate a Servile War?
Is Slaveholding Constitutional and Scriptural?
– Rev. James Preston Fugitt, 1862

The Negro A Beast
– Charles Carroll, 1900

The Tempter of Eve
– Charles Carroll, 1902

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