Pro-Slavery Sermons

Pro-Slavery Sermons

A collection of transcribed sermons defending slavery

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The dangers and duties of the present crisis!
– Pastor Samuel Anderson, 1861

The character and influence of abolitionism
– Rev. Henry Dyke, 1860

Slaveholding not sinful. Slavery,
the punishment of man’s sin
– Samuel B. How, 1856

Our duty to the African race
– Richard Fuller, 1851

Slavery as recognized in the Mosaic Civil Law
– Rev. Stuart Robinson, 1865

The duties of masters and slaves respectively
– William Hamilton, 1845

Slavery defended from Scripture,
against the attacks of the abolitionists
– Alexander McCaine, 1842

Report on the subject of slavery
– Rev. J.H. Thornwell, 1851

Lectures on the Philosophy
and Practice of Slavery
– William A. Smith, 1856

A Sermon on Slavery
– Theodore Clapp, 1838

The integrity of our national union, vs.
abolitionism: an argument from the Bible
– Rev. George Junkin, 1843

“The higher law, ” in its application to
the Fugitive slave bill: A sermon on the
duties men owe to God and to governments
– John C. Lord, 1851

A sermon on slavery; a vindication
of the Methodist church, South
– Rev. William G. Brownlow, 1857

The South, her peril, and her duty
– Rev. B.M. Palmer, 1860

Bible view of slavery
– Rev. M.J. Raphall, 1861

Mutual relation of masters and
slaves as taught in the Bible
– Joseph R. Wilson, 1861

The African a trust from God to the American
– Rev. George D. Cummins, 1861

Union and Slavery
– Pastor J.T. Hendrick, 1851

The Committing of Our Cause to God
– Rev. Ferdinand Jacobs, 1850

The Rights and Duties of Masters
– Rev. J.H. Thornwell, 1850

Our National Sins
– Rev. J.H. Thornwell, 1860

Slavery A Divine Trust
– Rev. B.M. Palmer, 1860

The Union to be Preserved
– Robert J. Breckinridge, 1861

Fanaticism Rebuked
– Rev. Francis Vinton, 1861

The Causes and Remedies of Impending
National Calamities An Address
– Samuel Ramsay Wilson, 1860

The Religious Instruction
of the Colored Population
– John Bailey Adger, 1847

Fugitive slave law
The religious duty of obedience to law
– Ichabod Spencer, 1850

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