Pro-Slavery Speeches

Pro-Slavery Speeches

Speeches that endorse slavery

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The dangers and duties of the present crisis!
– Pastor Samuel Anderson, 1861

A speech on the subject of slavery
– Edmund Bellinger, 1835

Lecture delivered before the Young men’s library
association, Showing African slavery to be
consistent with the moral and physical
progress of a nation
– C.G. Memminger, 1851

An address delivered before the seventh annual
meeting of the Virginia state agricultural society
– James Holcombe, 1858

Speech of Hon. I.E.
Holmes, of S. Carolina
– I.E. Holmes, 1850

Speech of Peachy R. Grattan, Esq.
– Peachy Grattan, 1857

South Carolina and Massachusetts.
– J.J. Evans, 1856

The Enormity of the slave-trade; and the
duty of seeking the moral and spiritual
elevation of the colored race
– Unknown, 1860

A discourse before the General
Assembly of South Carolina
– B.M. Palmer, 1864

Speech on the abolition petitions
– John C. Calhoun, 1836

Speech on receiving petitions for the abolition
of slavery in the District of Columbia
– James Henry Hammond, 1836

Speech on his motion to recommit the Report
and resolutions on the subject of abolition
– John Robertson, 1836

Speech in the House of representatives
on the abolition question
– F.W. Pickens, 1836

Speech on the reception of abolition petitions
– John C. Calhoun, 1837

An address on abolitionism
– Joseph Sturges, 1839

Slavery defended from Scripture, against
the attacks of the abolitionists
– Alexander McCaine, 1842

The African apprentice system
– Henry Hughes, 1859

An address to the people of Alabama,
– William Yancey, 1848

Speech on the subject of slavery in the territories
– Jefferson Davis, 1850

Southern Convention Speech on Slavery
– Langdon Cheves, 1850

Address on the history, authority
and influence of slavery
– J.B. Ferguson, 1850

The slave question
– A. G. Brown, 1850

Address on the subject of slavery
– John C. Calhoun, 1850

Speech on the slavery question
– George E. Badger, 1850

African colonization unveiled
– Edmund Ruffin, 1853

An essay on the natural history of mankind:
viewed in connection with negro slavery
– Josiah C. Nott, 1850

Oration, delivered before the Few and
Phi gamma socities, of Emory college
– Robert Augustus Toombs, 1853

On the slavery question
– A.G. Brown, 1856

An address, delivered before the Georgia
Democratic State Convention
– William H. Stiles, 1856

The origin of slavery
– Lawrence M. Keitt, 1858

Southern education for southern youth
– William H. Stiles, 1858

Domestic slavery in the South
– Lucius J. Gartrell, 1858

Speech delivered at Barnwell C.H.
– James Henry Hammond, 1858

Speech on slavery issues,
– C.C. Clay, 1859

Speech against the revolutionary
movement of the anti-slavery party
– Thomas L. Clingman, 1860

Address, on the duty of the
slave states in the present crisis,
– Rev. J.E. Carnes, 1860

Reply to the speech of Senator Douglas
– Jefferson Davis, 1860

Relations of states
– Jefferson Davis, 1860

The free colored population of Maryland
– Col. Curtis M. Jacobs, 1860

Protection to slave property
– A. G. Brown, 1860

The slavery question
– L.Q.C. Lamar, 1860

State of the Union
– D. C. De Jarnette, 1861

Slavery a Divine Institution
– John B. Thrasher, 1861

Lecture on the North and the South
– Elwood Fisher, 1849

The Present Relations of
Free Labor to Slave Labor
– David Christy, 1850

An address on domestic slavery
– James Shannon, 1855

“Negro Slavery Not Unjust”
– Charles O’Conor, 1859

Lectures on the philosophy
and practice of slavery
– William A. Smith, 1856

On the admission of Kansas
– James Henry Hammond, 1858

Anniversary Oration of the State
Agricultural Society of South Carolina
– James Henry Hammond, 1841

On the relation of states
– James Henry Hammond, 1860

An oration on the life, character and
services of John Caldwell Calhoun
– James Henry Hammond, 1850

The proceedings of the Agricultural convention
and of the State Agricultural Society of South Carolina
– Unknown, 1845

Address to the People of the United States Together with the
Proceedings and Resolutions of the Pro-slavery Convention of Missouri
– Unknown, 1855

Speech delivered in the National Democratic
convention, Charleston, April 28th, 1860
– William Yancey, 1860

An address on the life and
character of John Caldwell Calhoun
– William Yancey, 1850

Speeches made in the senate of the Confederate States during
the session commencing on the 18th day of August, A.D. 1862
– William Yancey, 1862

The Issues Involved in the Presidential Contest
– William Yancey, 1860

Mr. Calhoun’s address to the people of the southern states
– John C. Calhoun, 1840

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