Reviews of Literature

Reviews of Anti-Slavery Literature

Critiques of anti-slavery literature

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A review and refutation of
Helper’s “Impending crisis,”
– Gilbert J. Beebe, 1860

Methodism and slavery: with other matters in
controversy between the North and the South
– H.B. Bascom, 1845

Slavery in the South; a review of Hammond’s and Fuller’s
letters, and Chancellor Harper’s memoir on that subject
– William J. Grayson, 1845

A defence of southern slavery
– A Southern Clergyman, 1851

Helper’s Impending Crisis Dissected
– Samuel M. Wolfe, 1860

A review of the “Correspondence” of
Messrs. Fuller & Wayland, on the
subject of American slavery
– Cyrus Grosvenor, 1847

A Practical View of the Present State of Slavery in
the West Indies; Or, An Examination of Mr. Stephen’s
“Slavery of the British West India Colonies.”
– Alexander Barclay, 1827

Cursory remarks upon the Reverend Mr. Ramsay’s Essay on the
treatment and conversion of African slaves in the British sugar colonies
– James Tobin, 1785

A short rejoinder to the Reverend Mr. Ramsay’s reply
– James Tobin, 1787

– James Smith, 1845

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