Slavery Debates

Pro-Slavery Thinkers engaging with anti-slavery thinkers

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Ought American slavery to be perpetuated?
Rev. W.G. Brownlow Debates Rev. A. Pryne. Debate, 1858

A controversy on slavery
George Fitzhugh Debates A. Hogeboom, 1857

A Debate on Slavery
Rev J. Blanchard Debates N.L. Rice
– Rev. J. Blanchard, 1846

Domestic slavery considered as a Scriptural institution
Rev. Richard Fuller Debates Rev. Francis Wayland
– Francis Wayland, 1860

Discussion on American slavery
George Thompson Debates Rev. Robert Breckinridge
– George Thompson, 1836

Is Slavery Sinful?
Bishop Ovid Butler Debates Judge Jeremiah Smith
Pastor Thomas Wiley Debates Judge Jeremiah Smith
– Jeremiah Smith, 1863

The Debate on a Motion for the Abolition
of the Slave-trade in the House of Commons
– Unknown, 1791

A Forensic Dispute on the Legality of Enslaving the Africans
Theodore Parsons Debates Eliphalet Pearson, 1773

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