Slavery Is Society

Slavery Is Society

What is society? “A collective of people who’ve migrated
or been birthed into a region where there is relative
order and social stability.” What is unbridled “free society,”
and what is it conducive to? “Free society” is anarchism, it’s
the wild horse that hears a gunshot in an open field, it’s
the greatest manifestation of human unpredictability we can
contribute, it’s the abstract, and functional degeneration of
all statutes, edicts, and ideals, and it begets the same.
“Free society,” if we’re to invoke anything but an oxymoronic
term, is anarchic society, and anarchic society is no society
at all. What binds “free society,” the democratic state?
With its ever changing representatives, ever changing laws,
autonomous regions, and forever divided masses looking to
antagonize, villainize, and disrupt the necessarily opposing
side. Is this unity, is this organization, is there truly an
American society, and to the extent that there ever was one has
it not been deconstructed and degenerated? However meritorious,
or ill-concieved the ideals and societal pillars the founding
fathers constructed were, have not all been eroded, and decayed?
To the extent that they exist now they’re hobbling along, ready to
fall over and die. This is the true peculiarity of “free society.”
The heroes of this generation will be the villains of the
next, the wise guiders of civilization will be the oppressive
patriarchs, and the “free state” will be chains, and shackles.

We see otherwise good, ordered people acting in defiance of all
senses of established right on a generational basis. Like all
facets of “free society” that are meant to be pillars of stability,
that are, or could be the trajectory of good, or at least the stability
of what is functional is instead portrayed to be the absolute
representative of wrong, and for its defenders the incarnation of a
restrained good, never in totality, never in and of itself. Always with the
understanding that all good must be subordinate to the rights, whims,
and most importantly freedoms of the masses. Why do the conservative
movements within Democratic, “free society” fail? Because the fundamental
premises therein are in contradiction not just with morality, or prolonged
virtue, but with stability itself. “Free society” is fundamentally
revolutionary in nature. Its only cherished, unquestionable tenet
being liberty itself. It pays only so much mind to order, good, virtue,
morality, religion, cherished constructs, and all other manifestations
of a properly ordered, virtuous society as must be to satisfy the
sensibilities of the majority. Then as they die off, become less
able, and lose institutional power freedom, liberty, and individual
autonomy once again triumph striking down yet another barrier to the
march of the consecrated saints of chaos. To have a true society one
cannot embrace freedom, for freedom is no friend to society but is
societies’ deadliest foe. For in freedom lies the death of the
potentiality for the maintenance of virtue, within freedom we see
the allowance, tolerance of, and advocacy for the deconstruction
of all sacred institutions, concepts, standards, manners of
living, etc. Nothing is good enough, nothing is as it should be,
nothing is beyond the scope of the elongated tentacles of the
“free and liberated mind.” The march of liberty has taken place
on top of the corpses of all right minded men. Civilization not
liberty, virtue not freedom, righteousness not individual autonomy
should be our guide, and must be for civilization to truly manifest
her noble destiny.

The worker within is debased, the child therein is perverted,
the women therein are imitative of the qualities of the
rougher sex for survival. This variant of society mandates
not just a “thick skin” but an implicit understanding of the
lack of true good. Everything is relative, everything is
within a context. The pressures mount, and eventually all
who reside are broken down to their most base and carnal.
To breed in “free society” is to birth savages, not by virtue
of parentage, ancestry, regiment in one’s formative years,
but by the very core tenets of the system. Your child will
not think like you, the institutional power will work against
you, the commoner will not “regain their common sense.”
That’s not the world you live in, that’s not the system you’re
apart of. This system isn’t sane, this system is insane, this
system isn’t rational, this system is irrational, this system
isn’t moral, this system is a-moral, and while you might not
have given into the temptations of vice, or the recognition
of right within the perpetual cultural revolution free society
provides, look around you. This is the handy work of the free,
the liberated, unbound by oppression, unbound by gods, unbound
by kings, unbound by masters. The society is his canvas, and he
is the mad painter, intoxicated on the fumes of the dying
“tyranny of virtue.”

Where “free society” mandates chaos slavery grants regiment,
where “free society” has mantras such as “No gods no masters”
and “Liberty or death” slave society offers the always
relevant wisdom: “For every man a place, and every place
a reason.” Thus are the opposite ends of the spectrum.
Fairly represented and overtly presented. Slave society
is antithetical to subversion, slave society is
non-conducive to impropriety, slave society disdains
the unprincipled. Meanwhile you can find all boxed,
tagged, and ready for purchase in every convenience
store within “free society.” Within slave society there
is necessarily order, there are necessarily degrees of
civilization. We can see facets of virtue in all
manifestations, and we must welcome them. For we’ve
mistakenly courted a villain, a fiend so alluring in
our lack of knowledge of man, so kind in our ignorance of
right, so intellectual in our incomprehension of mans’
tolerance for the destructive, degenerative, and unholy.
The true face of freedom. What once looked to be a pleasant,
starry eyed friend has rapidly removed its’ cloak, and
we see the demonic, the wrong, the evil all too clearly.
Just as much as we were wrong for entertaining the
notions of a truly “free society,” just as truthfully
as we can absolutely state it has produced horror and
wrong, we can certainly, without hesitation, or self
doubt state, “Slavery presents the order we need, slavery
begets the organization we want, and not freedom but
slavery is society.”

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