George Fitzhugh on Slavery A presentation of Fitzhughian thought on slavery through quotations by George Fitzhugh “In 1764, after the […]
Interesting insights by George Fitzhugh A presentation of interesting insights through quotations by George Fitzhugh “Consciences, in the general, are […]
Twenty Points Against Abolishing Slavery – George Fitzhugh
Twenty Points Against Abolishing Slavery– George Fitzhugh, A controversy on slavery, Pages: 5-14, 1857 The 20 points are taken from […]
George Fitzhughs’ Explanation of Post-War Thoughts Since the above was written, an editorial of the New York Commercial Advertiser has […]
George Fitzhugh on Morality & Philosophy “Man’s instincts, except that of sucking, are not born with him, but furnished to […]
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