The Mongrel Republics of America – Dr. John H. Van Evrie, 1867

The Mongrel Republics of America
– Dr. John H. Van Evrie, 1867

The defeat and death of the Emperor of Mexico will, no doubt, have one beneficial result, at all events. It will
excite the interest of Europeans as well as Americans in the Mongrel Republics of this Continent, and if that
interest leads them to examine and comprehend the abnormal populations that figure as nations south of our
own borders, Maximilian’s death will prove more beneficial to modern civilization than could the lives of a score
of arch-dukes or princes. There is no Mexican nation, never was any, nor Milian, Colombian, Peruvian, nor Brazilian;
there is nothing but hordes of Mongrels, with the names, formulas, and habitudes of the old Spanish conquerors,
and a mighty mass of aboriginal material that is silent, as it has been silent ever since it was created. The natives or
Indians of this Con-tinent-and they are all the same species, from Cape Horn to the Colombian River-though greatly
superior to the negro, are incapable of impressing themselves on the material world about them, and therefore have
no history. Tho Spanish conquerors, probably the greatest liars the world ever saw, save Abe Lincoln & Co. pretended
to find grand cities, temples, monuments, &c., and a progressive civilization, in Mexico, Pent, and other regions of
the Continent, and many learned and scientific Europeans believed them, believed even their absurd stories about
the picture writings of the Aztecs. Prescott, with his fine, graphic capacity, has taken the “histories” of Bernal Diaz,
Cortez, and the Spanish writers of the day, as his authority for the Conquest of Mexico, and deluded vast numbers
of people with his preposterous non-sence, of course. This civilization of the Montezumas is exactly that of the Brandts,
Red Jackets and Black Hawks of the North, differing only in degree, and not much in that. The people of southern
and western Europe, the Romans, Gauls Britons, Germans, &c., have developed more rapidly than the Sclavonians, Scandinavians, Sarmatians, &c., of the North, but their civilization, that is, their mental habits and specific qualities,
are all the same, differing only in degree. So, too, the Indian or aboriginal species found on this Continent.

In the extreme North, he had absolutely nothing, save bows and arrows, to kill his food with, and in every other respect
was scarcely above the negro of Africa, who lived on fruits and spontaneous production. Foolish scholars, like Everett
and Schoolcraft, imagine Indian antiquities, and the former even talked of the political advance of the Six Nations, who had established a “Confederacy;” but the Indian of the North constructed means to kill his food, and nothing else. Powhattan’s
empire, in the more genial clime of Virginia advanced slightly beyond this, and the Cherokees of Georgia, perhaps, were
even more enlightened. The Aztecs and Toltecs of Mexico were cultivated, in a certain rude way, and oven fabricated
some few things that look like manufactures, but they differed only in degree, and, we repeat, slightly in that, from their
brothers in the extreme North. The cities that Cortez pretended to conquer, Tlascala, Cholula, Mexico, &c., were Indian
villages, built of adobe or unburnt brick, and though the assemblage of these villagers in the valley of Mexico may have
amounted to several thousand people, it is not likely that Cholula or any other city contained five thousand people. The
writer of this article has been all over the ground conquered by Cortez, and what is vastly better, has made the Indian of
this day, and therefore of the days of Cortez, a special study, not in his fancied picture writing, &c., but in his actual,
physical, and physiological nature, as the Almighty Creator has fashioned and endowed him, and therefore knows
that all that Prescott, Helps & Co. have written of aboriginal or Mexican civilization, is arrant nonsense. The Spanish
conquerors, or rather the Spanish Church, civilized the Indian, and made him a useful, happy, and, to a certain extent,
progressive human being. The Spanish Government was very despotic, but this despotism was brought to bear on the
American descendents of the Spanish conquerors rather than on the Aztec or aboriginal popu’ation. No native-born
American, though the descendent of Cortez himself, could hold any office of trust or emolument under the Spanish
viceroys, and therefore, with none of the essential rights of citizenship, he was virtually a foreigner in his own native
land. Nevertheless, all Spanish-America was peaceful and prosperous.

The negro on the coast was kindly cared for by his master, and the Indian masses of the terra templeda, under a
general system of peonage, were duly protected by the government from the cupidity and brutality of the great landed
proprietors, and back of all this stood the Church, which, from the first day of the conquest to the final overthrow of
the Spanish dominion, was always the champion of the native, even if need were, against the viceroys themselves.
Ignorant and bigoted journals and writers among us have much to say about the wealth and arrogance, and fancied
corruptions of the Mexican Church, but every man that knows Mexico, knows that it was the civilizer of the Indian in
the days of the viceroys, and since then, being composed almost wholly of white men, it has been, and is now, the
embodiment and representative of all, or nearly all, the civilization that yet remains in that country. It was the native
white population, possibly a million of them, that was especially oppressed by the Spanish dominion, and when
Napoleon invaded Spain and the foreign masters of Mexico were forced to fight for their own independence, the
white men of Mexico revolted, and made a desperate effort to cast off the foreign rule. Unfortunately, however, in
order to gain the aid of the subordinate races, Mongrels, Indians, and negroes, they declared them all citizens, and
though they succeeded in casting off the Spanish dominion, there has been no peace, order, or social safety since.
The conquerors of Spanish America, un-like the English adventurers of the North, brought no wives with them, and
therefore sought sexual alliances with the native women. This resulted in a vast hybrid and Mongrel element, which
in Mexico amounted to perhaps two millions, mainly, if not entirely, confined to the cities. The numbers of the native
element, at the time of the revolution, it is difficult to estimate, but it may be put down in round numbers at six millions,
and with two millions of Mongrels, and a million of white people, the sum total of the population of Mexico was something
like nine millions in 1822, when Iturbide, at the head of a Spanish army himself, declared for independence, and
closed the contest. At this time the population approximated to that of the United States, and at the beginning of
the civil war predominated in the sum total of its productions.

As has been said, the negroes on the coast region were duly protected by their masters, in part from kindness,
but still more, possibly, from self-interest, for cruelty injured their property invested in the service of these negroes.
The great landed proprietors had not such an imperative motive as this in their treatment of the Indian, but they
were closely watched over by the Spanish Government, and still more carefully and even tenderly by the Church.
The hybrid population of the cities were generally ranked with the white Creole population, and if not so usefully
employed, or so virtuous and happy as the Indian and negro, it was because this was an abnormal element, and
must pay the penalty of the father’s sins, and no government can render it happy or prosperous. Nevertheless, it
was restrained and rendered peaceable under the despotic rule of the viceroys, and Mexico, at the beginning of
the civil war, was peaceful and prosperous, and while equal in numbers, vastly surpassed the then United States
in wealth and annual production. In 1822, Iturbide closed the civil war, though Spain did not recognize the ” New
Nation” for many years after. Iturbide, as ambitious for himself and family as patriotic for his country, called together
a national assembly of notables, who elected him Emperor, and surrounded with the symbols and pomp of the
old Spanish regime, and a victorious army to do his bidding, was seemingly accepted by the country, and the
monarchy made hereditary in his family. This, however, lasted only two years. Victoria, the old patriot leader,
had retired to the mountains and defied the Emperor, and at the end of two years, Santa Anna and others in
command of important garrisons, “pronounced” against the Empire, recalled Victoria, and another assembly of
notables met together, abolished the Empire, established the “United States” of Mexico, and elected Victoria
as the first President of the young Republic, in 1824. They virtually, if not literally, adopted the Constitution of
the “United States of America,” and the Republic went into operation under circumstances vastly more desirable
and hopeful than did our own in 1788.

Not only this, but in wealth, population, annual production, commerce, climate, fertility of the soil, and above all, in
the number and richness of their gold and silver mines, as well as the extent of their territory, the people of Mexico
were apparently greatly superior to those of the United States. But forty years later, in 1860, the United States had
trebled its population, more than doubled its territories, became the second commercial power of the world, with an
annual production fifty-fold greater than that of Mexico, with no national debt, without the shedding of one drop of
blood in civil war, or a single conviction for treason against the Republic. And during these same forty years, Mexico
became diminished in population, lost half of its territory, all its commerce, nearly all its production, contracted an
enormous public debt, with constant civil war from the day the Republic was founded, and finally, after drenching that fair
land in the blood of its people, there was such universal and hopeless anarchy, that the nations of Europe combined
together to save the country from utter ruin. Such have been the results worked out in forty years in the neighboring
Republics-one, the most complete and indeed unparalleled success the world ever saw, and the other the most terrible
failure ever witnessed in history. They had the same institutions, virtually the same Constitution, both Republics of
“United States,” one of America, the other of Mexico, and were contiguous in territory, and yet we witness the wonderful
result; they started even in 1824, and in 1860 one had become a first-class power, and the other so decayed, lost,
and utterly hopeless, that the civilized powers of the Old World intervened to save society itself from absolute dissolution.
What is the cause or causes of these wonderful results worked out in the two great Republics of this Continent within
the brief space of forty years? Of course there are numerous solutions, or fancied solutions of this phenomenon?
The smirking, self-satisfied monarchist of Europe says it is the inherent falsity of the Republican system that has
ruined Mexico, totally unconscious of its necessary virtue and beneficence in our case.

The bigoted. Protestant, or Puritan rather, de-clares that it is owing to the vices and wealth of the Church, though we
see Catholics as virtuous as other citizens among ourselves, and however despotic may be the tendency of wealth, it
never tends to anarchy, the prominent feature in Mexico. The ignorant believer in Anglo-Saxondom says it is because the
“Spanish race” is incapable of liberty, though of the nine millions of Mexicans, there was barely a million of that’supposed
Spanish race-that is, of pure white blood, or un-mixed descendents of Spanish conquerors. Finally, the most plausible
of all declare that the calamities of Mexico are the result of admixture of blood and the vast Mongrel populations of the
cities, which are anarchic, disturbing and revolu-tionary from the necessities of their organization. This is true enough,
in a certain sense, but utterly un-true as it is ordinarily accepted. The hybrid or Mongrel population is the element that
is most involved in the anti-social and anarchical movements that take place LI Mex-ico, but the cause of all this lies
quite beyond that element itself, and, as under the viceroy; it might be rendered peaceable and harmless, if not useful
and prosperous. The cause, the sole, primal and dominating cause of the calamities of Mexico and of all Spanish-America,
is (political) Mongrelism, a common citizenship, the attempt of human creatures to ignore the work of the Almighty
Creator, and force different species of men to submit to the same rules and regulations, or, as our own madmen.
say, to “enjoy impartial freedom.” This is the sole original cause of the failure of the Spanish-American Republics,
and that cause is fully commensurate with the re-sults or consequences that have flown from it. The human creation,
like all the groups or families of being, is composed of a certain number of opecies. There is no such thing as a single
species in the tout ensentble of animated existence; all are composed of groups or families, and these have their
several species, each with a general resemblance to the others, having its own specific nature, wants and climatic
and social adaptations.

Thus the negro, while further removed from us than any other species of men, is as absolutely and unchangeably human
as we are ourselves. We see this universal law, or rather fact, all about us. We see that crows are birds as well as eagles,
that shed are fish as well as salmon, that the brutal and ferocious bull-dog is a dog as well as the sagacious and gentle
hound; in a word, we see all the works of God are composed of groups, in which each has its own specific nature, and,
therefore, He has designed specific rules adapted to its nature and wants. Had the million of white people in Mexico left
the Indian and negro where they were under the Spanish regime, and simply substituted themselves in the place of their
Spanish masters, the Republic of 1824 would have been a grand success. Even if they had included the two millions
of mixed breeds in the citizenship, there would have been a certain degree of success; but, having included all whites,
mixed-breeds, Indians, and negroes, in a common citizenship, social order was struck down at the start, and there have
been nothing but conflict, anarchy, disintegration, rottenness and death since. Indians and negroes exist, are made and
fashioned by the hand of God, and are, therefore, designed for different conditions of existence, or, of course, He would not
have created them. They resemble and approximate each other and us, but our senses show us that they are specifically
different beings, not from climate, chance, or human law. Our instincts revolt at amalgamation, and our reason shows us
our superiority, and to trample on all these, to ignore the work of God, and strive to force them to submit to the same rules
and regulations, is punished accordingly, as we witness in Mexico. The pronunciamentos, or revolts against the government,
are, it is true, confined almost entirely to the Mongrel element, but this necessarily follows, from the unnatural condition of
an equal citizenship for these Mongrel beings. The creature, part white, Indian and negro, is not only at war with others,
but with himself, and, therefore, there is never any sane design, method, or object, in the Mexican revolutions; it is a
blind, unmeaning, heterogeneous impulse, going on, and must go on, until not only the white, but the Mongrel element
is extinct, and the native Indian, no longer burdened by this abnormal element, colapses, or rather returns to its
original condition, as found by the Spanish conquerors.

This is the final end, the only possible end of Mexico, and of all Spanish-America, if Christendom stands aloof. The
whites have diminished fifty percent, and the hybrid element still more rapidly. The magnificent cities of the viceroys
are rapidly crumbling to pieces, the grand churches and convents, the forts, and public, as well as private, buildings
are being abandoned, great trees growing up in their midst, and, if left to themselves, one hundred years hence, there
will not be a single white man left from the Rio Grande to Cape Horn. The native element now barely holds its ground,
but a century hence, no longer burdened by those who should have guided and protected them, they will, under their
natural aptitudes, again multiply and fulfill the primeval command. And, save the walls, &c., of the grand structures,
the churches, bridges, &c., there will be nothing whatever to note the Spanish dominion-all will have perished, leaving
not even a tradition behind of that grand Spanish civilization which once ruled the New World. The white men of Mexico
blindly and impiously abdicated their social rights of self-preservation and scarcely less sacred duty to protect and guide the inferior races, and, in the vain and sinful effort to apply the same laws to those whom God made different, and, therefore,
designed for different conditions, they will have committed social suicide, and utterly perished from the earth within the
next century. The same cause and the same consequences are at work in the islands, and the negro being greatly
inferior to the Indian, the final end will be reached much more rapidly, and, fifty years hence, as in the interior of Hayti
now, the negro will have lost all memory of his whilom French masters, and the Antilles must needs become another
Africa, -in which the Livingstones and Judsons may enjoy their “missionary enterprises” almost at their own doors.
Such is the cause of the failure of the Mexican Republic, not because they had two millions of mixed breeds, but
because they attempted to live under the same laws with Indians and negroes, and God having created them
different beings, of course they beat out their brains, and destroyed themselves in the blind and impious effort
to ignore the work of the Creator.

Our own wonderful and unparalleled progress and prosperity result from the precisely opposite policy, conformity with
the obvious demon of the Almighty. We recognized the distinctions of race fashioned by the hand of the Creator, and
adapted our laws to the specific nature and wants of the negro, and both were happy, and rapidly multiplied. Furthermore,
this natural distinction of race taught us the wrong and mistake of those human distinctions in our own race that so deform
and disfigure society in the Old World, and thus, by voting down class legislation, tariffs and other swindling contrivances
for plundering the masses, the whole people were left free to work out their happiness, and the result is what we saw in
1860-the unbounded freedom and prosperity of thirty millions of white citizens, and a well-being, happiness and prosperity
of four millions of negro minors, or so-called slaves, unequalled, indeed unapproached, in the history of mankind. With
such results in two contiguous Republics, with the same Constitution and Republican system, differing only in the great
foundation principle of a homgeneous and a Mongrel citizenship-one, that recognized the natural distinction of race, and
applied its laws to the specific nature and wants of each, and the other ignoring these natural distinctions, and striving
to force whites, hybrids, Indians and negroes to submit to the same laws, &c.-in view of these tremendous results, worked
out in the brief space of forty years, it is amazing as it is deplorable to find any party or class, or, indeed, individual, so
utterly lunatic, or so atrociously traitorous, as to adopt the Mexican policy, and bring destruction on his country. Is it lunacy,
or is it treason?-is it a blind and ignorant clinging to a silly abstraction that all mankind spring from a single pair, or is
it a cool, deliberate, far-seeing treason against American institutions, which, originating with European monarchists,
strikes its felon blows at the heart of American Democracy, and in the name of liberty, renders liberty impracticable
and impossible forever? Time and events can alone determine which or what it is; but it is certain that the tremendous consequences wrapped up in the professed belief in the dogma or abstraction of a single human race, demand a
sincere and honest practice, by every man, and every woman too, in this broad land, in accord with that belief.

If they believe that all mankind have the same origin and the same nature, and therefore entitled to the same liberty,
the time has come when they must practice their belief, eat and sleep and associate with negroes, and mate their
children with them, and if they shrink from this test, then they must be regarded as cool and deliberate traitors to
their country, who have become the tools and instruments of European monarchists for the ruin of Republican
institutions, and are in truth the most remorseless, devilish, and unmitigated villains the world ever saw, or is
likely to see again. Meanwhile, the struggle goes on, and must go on until the effort to Mongrelize the country is
exhausted, and the Union of 1860 is restored, and the question settled forever on this Continent. It will be restored,
of course, for Mongrelism is social death, as we have seen in the Spanish-American Republics, and this grand,
young, and, as yet, untainted white people, will not commit social suicide, and whatever the length of time, the
social anarchy, bloodshed, and misery of the succeeding years, the end will be, and must be, restoration of the
white Republic of Washington. The sole consideration, therefore, is the mode of restoration, through Union and the
ballot-box, or through civil war, bloodshed and suffering, and every man must decide for himself which it shall be.

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