The Origin and Destiny of the Negro – M. Jeter, M.D. Salem Virginia, 4/30/1903

The Origin and Destiny of the Negro
– M. Jeter, M.D. Salem Virginia, 4/30/1903

Can it be that the world will be much longer deceived In regard to the and for what purpose was
he created, are true character of the negro? Who is he, questions it is high time we were asking and
solving. Why did God put upon-him the mark ant:covering of a beast, if It were not that we might not
be deceived in regard to him? That he Is the being called the “beast of the field,” that walked erect and
spake with articulate speech and was used by the devil to tempt Eve, there can be no doubt. The Bible
teaches that he was regarded as a beast under the Old Testament dispensation, but since that time he
has deceived the world by his likeness to man. He is also the missing link in Darwin’s theory of evolution.
Try him in and see how nicely he fills the gap. That he is an intelligent, high order of man-ape, placed at
the head of the animal creation, called In the Bible a beast of the field, which locates him beyond all doubt,
and tells us the object of his creation. Made higher than the gorilla, that comes next to him, and who can
do, when domesticated, much of manly; work, but requires constant watching, made as much like a man
as was possible without being a man, and endowed with considerable reasoning and discriminating powers,
in order that he might more effectually do the work of man, for which he was created, God In His mercy
turning him over to Adam to serve him in the arduous duties enjoined of thim by the curse, and he ought
to be as much the property of man as his horse or his ox, and if he were where God designed as he should
be there would be no negro problem confronting us, for which many are seeking In vain for a solution.
That the negro is a separate and distinct creation from man needs no argument to prove. It Is absolutely
certain that God did at the creation make a beast that walked erect and spoke like a man, and endowed
with a high degree of intelligence, but without immortality, and that this beast was Eve’s tempter, and that
none besides Adam has appeared on this world’s stage, walking erect and speaking with articulate speech
but the negro.

He could not have been the creature of climatic conditions or amalgamation and could not have been made
human for if the theory of the unity of the races be true, he would have to be a descendant of Adam and Eve,
who were white and made in the image of God, in the second person of the Godhead, In form, color, purity
and immortality, and as he In the beginning made a law that everything in the animal and vegetable kingdom
should be produced after its kind, then it follows that by no known law could a jet black, blue gum negro, covered
with wool, the covering of a beast, come from a white pair, and falsify the truth of God’s word. When Eve appeared
on the scene, it was necessary that she be tempted before Adam knew her as his Wife, and the devil being a
spirit, had to make use of some earthly agency to accomplish his purpose, so he took this beast of the field. Now,
who was lie that answers to this description, if It were not the being called negro? That it was he, and that he has
no soul in the sense of being immortal, is proven by the curse pronounced on him for his sin, “Upon thy belly
shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life,” I have been asked why the offspring of the beast
did not partake of his curse, I answer, it could not extend beyond this life, because he was soulless, and had
no existence after death, and consequently could not reach his offspring. In the curse not one word is said
about the hereafter or oven the death of the body. Has the negro a soul? All animal life is made up of matter,
mind and spirit in a greater or less degree, and If the word spirit in the Bible, means soul, then he has a soul
with the difference from man, being explained In these words: “The spirit of man goeth upwards,” which Is
immortality, and the “spirit of the beast goeth downwards to the earth,” which Is annlhilation.

The descendants of the beast of the field that walked erect and spoke like man, appears daily before the
people’s gaze, yet they go on in their blindness, ignoring. the truth of God’s word, and refusing to believe he
is not human because of his likeness to man, and that mistake and unbelief, robbed the owner of his rightful
property, plunged this country into civil strife at frightful cost of blood and treasure and turning these soulless
beings loose upon the country, compelling the people to contribute vast sums for their education, which In the
end will ruin them and render them totally unfit for labor for which alone God created them, and thereby producing
untold touble and a problem that the people can never solve, this side of the great day. If you do not believe these
things, ask yourself the question, What place has the full-blooded negro ever filled except that of a common laborer,
seeing that uncivilized, after four thousand years, he is the same savage and barbarous man-eating ape of Africa?
If he was made for something higher than the service of man, as some contend, why does it not appear at this late
duy of the world’s history? What deceives man most In regard to him, is the constantly looking upon the mixed
bloods, the product of the white man and negro, the result making them more intelligent and .attractive, and more
like a human being, and the people generally being ignorant of his origin, regard him as a human being, and treat
him accordingly. The people are beginning to feel the effects of his freedom and education, complaining that he
is getting more and more worthless as a laborer, drifting rapidly into criminality and yet the cry is educate him,
reminding one of a man adding fuel to the fire, he is trying to extinguish. Why is it that the learned men of the
land have not sense enough to know that in trying to elevate him In order to make his elevation and education
profit him, social equality, the pulling down of the white man and competition with him Is Inevitable, which will
not be tolerated an long as there is a decent white man living. The account of the creation of man Is simple,
and cannot be misunderstood.

When God created man he said be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it, clearly Indicating
that he did not intend the earth to be populated by any but those bearing his Image, and while he made the negro
so much like man and capable of having offspring by him, he intended that condition for their own increase to supply
the labor that God in his mercy intended for man, placing the bulk of them In Africa, a country most remote from
coming civilization, in order that they might keep their blood pure and best fit them for the service of man and the
mingling of human blood with this beast Is a foul blot upon the world caused by man’s depravity. I will now give the
strongest proof of the beastly character of the negro. After the temptation and curse of the beast called serpent, we
find no trace of him or his offspring until we reach the sin of Cain, which led to the rejection of his sacrifice, and that
sin was the unlawful Intercourse with the negro beast, for there was none other with whom he could commit the sin.
The following verses will make it plain: Gen. 4:7: “If thou doest well shalt thou not be accepted? and If thou doest not
well sin lieth at thy door; and unto thee shall be his desire and thou shalt rule over him,” the masculine being used
to denote either male or female, as is frequently the case in the Bible. The above verse and Jude 1st, 10 and 11,
clearly prove the sin of Cain. And he went and dwelt in the land of Nod on the east of the garden the settlement
of the beasts of the field, and there he knew his wife, who was, what we now call a negress. The next and most
important point I notice to prove absolutely the beastly origin of the negro is the fact that he was not In the ark as
a human being, and that alone is sufficient to settle the question. After the sin of Cain we have no trace of him,
until we come to tho curse of Canaan, whom sin was undoubtedly the same as that of Cain, while not mentioned
directly. We see further on that God ordered the extermination of the Canaanites, because In them his Imago
was nearly obliterated by an amalgamation with the blood of the beast, and for that reason the Jews were
forbidden to marry among them.

The next mention of the negro beast is in Leviticus xx:15-16: “And if any man lie with a beast, he shall be surely
put to death; and ye shall slay the beast. And if any woman approach unto any beast and lie down thereto, thou
shalt kill the woman and the beast; their blood shall be upon them.” This verse, especially the last part, precludes
the possibility of Its reference to a four-footed beast, and Is another proof that he Is not human, and so regarded
by the Mosaic law. Remember, too, that in the death of the beast, like man, he was amenable to the same law,
receiving his punishment for wrongdoing by reason of his intelligence and knowledge of right and wrong. The
next and last reference to him Is stronger still, In Jonah III:8, after proclaiming a fast for all, including the “flocks
and herds,” which embraces all four-footed beasts owned by man, occur these words, which settles all doubt:
“But let man and beast be clothed with sackcloth and cry mightily unto God; yea, let them turn every one from
his evil way and from the violence that is in their hands.” Now, it is perfectly clear to all that there was no beast
at that late day but the negro who could cry mightily to God, and put on Backcloth, without fully understanding
its meaning. Accepting the Bible as true, no man living can prove without doubt the unity of the races, the mixed
races being the result of amalgamation between man and the negro, bringing a third party on the scene, and if
it could be proven It would falsify God’s word and come in conflict with the unchangeable law of production.
Everything being produced after its kind, therefore a negro must come from a negro, which proves that he Is
a separate and distinct creation from man, and made only for his service, and outside that condition he will
continue to be a source of untold trouble, unless the government will undo as far as possible the great wrong
done to them and us, by turnIng. them loose upon the pubilo and giving thorn the rights of citizenshIp. He cannot
be put back in servitude, fulfilling the conditions intended by providemce, “of them shall ye buy and sell and
they shall be en Inheritance to your children’s children forever,” and as long as you deceive yourselves and
regard him as a man and brother, you have ‘no right to discriminate against him, and consequently every step
you take to elevate him will still further widen the breadth already made, and hasten his inevitable doom.

Let every one study this subject for himself and note well the matter of the beast put upon him, the black skin,
the blue gums, and the covering wool, which was placed upon him in order that we might not he deceived in
regard to his Identity, and then study revelation in regard to him and you will find that you cannot reach any
other conclusion than that here given, for it is founded upon the immutable and eternal law and word of God
that tells you he does not belong to the family of man.

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