The Role of the Governed

The Role of the Governed

As we begin existence we are indebted, primarily to our
parents for their bringing us into this world, rearing
us, and aiding us in subsistence. Our parents, also owe
a debt not just to their parents for the same processes,
but to the totality of their ancestry for cultivating a
civilization, that tolerated, aided, and refined standards
which manifested a noble hierarchy, the servant, the laity,
the king, and insofar as the servant owed a debt to the master,
the master owed a debt to the king, and the king owed a debt
to the laity, all distinct, all with different roles, all
leading in their own lot. Thus is society, thus is order.
“All nature’s difference, keeps all nature’s peace.”

The state of living is the state of debt, and ownership.
To be indebted is to be owned, and we all have degrees of
ownership, and degrees of delegated control. We infer our
role on the basis of what is, and what must be created
relative to the particulars of our existence. Is there a
just war? We must fight. Is there a just peace? We must
lay down our sword. Is there a starving child? We must
provide food. We are fixed forever, in an intergenerational
service to the ideal of betterment. Those who govern must
create, and ensure the continuance of control, peace,
morality, etc. Largely through international relations,
ensuring there are frameworks in place for contracts to be
honored, and providing protection to the populace. The
role of the governed is, while being subservient to the
just edicts of the ruler, to cultivate the peculiarities
of the society, to ensure peace, not through centralized
control, but through collective bodies representing
virtue, and aiding in the negation of corruption,
excessive harm, or egregious societal norms.

To have a good commoner you must have a respectable
elite, and to have a respectable elite the duties
of the elite must be fulfilled, and the duties must
be enabled to be fulfilled. Free society detests
ownership in man, and the notion of societal debt.
Free society is in perpetual rebellion against
all conceptions of common value. The rejection
of free society, and a return to just hierarchy
where true power can be made manifest, where
righteous norms can be honored, and where the
good of all can be understood is imperative.

All men distinct? Yes.
All men delegated different toils? Yes.
All men subservient to the cause of right? Yes.
Thus is the governed, thus is the ruler,
thus is civilization, and glad it be so.

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