What is the White Man’s Burdern? Excerpts

“Ever marching with sword and flame,
Ever the blood-red trail,
Washed away by the dews of the morning,
As light and law prevail.

The land which the good God gave him,
The land of his sires and birth,
Is not enough for the White man-
He must rule the whole wide earth.

Ever march with flame and sword,
Ever the red blood’s stain;
Ye must clear the primeval forest
Ere ye plant the golden grain.

Can naught but the sword cleave darkness
And the flash of his guns give light?
Can ye stay the march of those legions
Ever marching for “God and the right!”

Ever for “God and the right”-
Over all this blood-stained earth,
For each root of land they conquer
There’s a vacant place by his hearth.”

“A life for life,” is the law of God,
And the strongest shall prevail.

These were the words of our Master,
The Master-Christ-our Lord.
“To send peace on earth I came not-
Not to send peace, but the sword.”

Ever the Cross and the sword.
Ever for God and the right.
Sweep onwards those conquering legions
To give to the darkness-light.

That is the White Man’s burden
Till he sinks beneath the sod;
That Is the law of nature,
That is the Iaw of God.”

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